Saturday, April 17, 2010

Way Back Into Love &#8211; Hugh Grant

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Twilight saga is very much hit by people now especially to all teenagers who had love the characters of twilight book. And now, the much awaited part 3 of Twilight Saga: Eclipse is coming in the theater nationwide

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Monday, January 25, 2010

At last.....
Our computer was fixed...
It's been a long time since I've wrote here using our own computer.
Hmm....don't know what to say.
HMM....OK. Were going to have our duty this nigth hope I wouldn't get exhausted.
That's all...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

We don't have duty now so all of us are here at the library answering a 100 items exam. It's a situational type of exam(just like at the BOARD EXAM). Are CIs (clinical instructors) allowed us to answer this exam with open notes that's why I'm here, facing the computer while finding the answers for this "headache causing" exam.

We haven't went to JBL(our duty place) because are coaster's mirror are broken and even though our department asked for vans to deliver us at JBL it doesn't arrived so the result is we just stay here at the library......

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Monday, January 4, 2010

HooOooh...At last.. nakauwi narin!!

Last saturday night my father and I went to bus terminal. We went there at exactly 7pm. When we arrived there we haven't seen the bus where my tatay asked for reservation so we just rode on an over loaded ordinary bus. Because of being over loaded I think only 1/4 of my buttock are being seated and tatay find his place at the front of the door, at the side of the kambyo (don't know its english word) so he have to stand if there's a passenger that have to enter. as the time passed, I got irritated at the driver because he was like a pacman (know the pacman game? he was totally like that..). he always stop if there's passenger and he always says " I sumakay na po kayo at ganto rin yung mga bus na susunod samin, marame pa ngang pasahero na naiwan sa San Jose eh" if he saw that the pasahero was hrsitant to have a ride on his bus. Hrrr!! Doesn't he imagine??!! We look like a sardinse there because of being over crowded and even at the bubong,punung puno narin. Kinaylangan pang maglagay ng rope para lang my makapitan yung ibang passenger sa Bubong. Thanks hindi kame tumaob and we arrived safe at the abra de Ilog port at pass 2am.

At the Adra de Ilog port is another struggling situation. If before we look like sardinas dahil siksikan sa bus here at Adra we look like sawa sa haba ng pila. Another hrrr!! We arrived 2am at abra but we got are ticket at I think 5-6am with the help of our kasabay,Ronel, son of our neighbor at San Jose and he was the first person that find his place at the roof of the bus that we rode on. Oh my gosh, I was so tired that's why I took a nap but my tatay haven't manage to do what I did for he was to be alert if people are allowed to enter at the departure. We entered the departure at 8am. It was so hard. Nakipagsiksikan kaming dalawa ng tatay ko sa marameng tao para lang makapasuk. Couted lang ksi ang papasok but my tatay and I managed to enter inside.. WooOooH!

We waited for about 2hrs at the departure before the people responssible in facilitating the port allowed us to go outside the departure inside the port. But knowing na nasa labas na kami ng departure, na nanduon na kami mismo sa loob ng port, naghintay parin kame ng napakatagal at hangang sa nagpapasok na sila ng panibagong batch ng mga PASAHERO hindi parin kame pinapasakay sa barko.... but it was ok with us and we are still kampante because we thought that all of us, that had managed to go inside could ride on the waiting ship, but the coast guard tricked us. Only few people managed to enter on the ship because they said that it would be above the capcity of the bout if they allowed the remaining of us to go inside the bout. We got mad at them because they said that all of us could go inside the bout and many of the people who had managed to enter in the bout was the batch after us. Bakit pa sila nagbigay ng number sa ticket kung ganun lang rin naman pala ang mangyayari. They realy tricked us. But despite of the angry feeling that we felt for them we still begged on them na sana pasakayin na nila kame, tutal nasa twenty nalang kaming natitira but they are so nakakainis they won't allow us to enter the bout because they said that they are just concerned with our safety. but then we heared that na magpapasakay sila ng one big truck kapalit ng 3 persons na nag back out na sumakay7 dahil yung mga kasama nila ay naiwan. We realy protested on that because truck was so realy heavy compared to us that was being left. Pero wala rin naman kaming nagawa. The bouit went on and we are being left. But then umaasa parin kame na makakasakay na dahil may paparating ng barko, and they assured us that it was Montenegro because one of the oassenger asked if that was also a Montenegro bout because if it was not, we are not allowed to enter again. Ako kampante pa ko kasi ang alm ko Montanegro lang lahat ang nagbabyahe but then I was very wrong for what I though. It was another ship at hindi kame pweding sumakay doon dahil and ticket namin ang pang Montenegro. So I became problematic lalo na at naririnig ko pa ang mga pangamba ng ibang mga studyanteng pasahero na baka hindi sila makapasok kinabukasan dahil monday na at sabi na ang susunod na Montenegro bout ay 4pm pa ang dating... But then my tatay find ways for us to get inside the bout but we failed and accepted the fact that we couldn't enter and just wait the next ship.

After a while are wating was over, the Montenegro ship was arriving and we, the remaining first batch of passenger of Montenegro decided to go near the front of the ship eventhough the coast guard are stopping us for we thought that we would be set aside again. and then they allowed us to go inside the ship kahit na nung una ay gusto nilang i-prioritized ang mga sasakyan. The bout left Abre de Ilog at 2;15 pmn ang we arrived at Batangas port at almost 5pm, I think. We had a smooth travel at batangas but when we reach Laguna, naipit kame sa traffic jam at imbes na 8pm kame nakarating in Manila, it was almost 9 when we arrived there. My tatay and I was so hungry so we decided to have a take out in a fast food chain and eat it on the bus. We avail the last trip to Bataan. We arrived safe in Bataan at 11:30pm and then we rode on a tricycle for us to deliver in Bagumbayan, where I live.

All in all our trvel took 26hrs...HAyzz.....

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Friday, December 18, 2009

At last..........It's Christmas vacation time at all.....
Exams are finished. I got high grades in 2 out of my three exams. Well the remaining one is also high but not that high lke the the two. I'm so happy after knowing my grades because to be honest I didn't really review especially in research. I just read my research and NCM(just understand it and put a cue points)and I just scan my ethics with also a little bit of reading for I already review it before...

Today is nanay's birthday.....I bough ice cream, soft drinks, meds, and ube cake.
Actually My legs was so tired because I just walked to buy all those things.
I went to elizabeth for I was asked to buy 3 soft drinks but then I only both two because the store don't have a mountain dew, and I also both there an ube ice cream. Then I walked to Godiluks to buy an ube cake but unfortunately there's no ube cake anymore so I decided not to buy. Then I went to mercury cause my mom asked to buy her meds. Then while walking to the arcade I entered to the different stores hoping to find a mountain dew, but then I haven't able to find so I just decided to buy a twist for I thought that is was also lke the mountain dew.

Then when I got home I had to return to balanga for the cake. I went to Michelle hoping to find there an ube cake but then I was disappointed. So I just went to Red Ribbon and then finally, my finding had stopped for I was able to buy the UBE CAKE. YoooOHoooOOooo...!!!!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hellow...until now I cannot fixed my blog.....I'm still unfamiliar with it...Huh! dunno what to do....

By the way I had my Christmas shopping. I bought presents for my tatay,nanay, and my little brother, and also for my little inaanak. My inaanak is so cute and I haven't able to give him a gift on his first birthday so I have to give him now
(oblique,I think,hehehe...joke!!). I haven't able to by anything for myself because I was kind of a little short that time(kinapos ako ng datung!!) but I"m still planning to buy a gift for myself....hahaha..Funny? But it became my tradition......

My mom lend a money from me because she bought me a gift. Actually I told her to bought me a gift. I already saw it and even try to wear it because I was the one who chose it just like my gift to her...hehehehe..the only difference was I told her that I would by the blouse that she'd chose as my present for her.

Wowww...Christmas is so near....... Happy !!!!

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